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Reading For Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure

 Our Aims

We aim to place Reading for Pleasure at the heart of our school and nurture a lifelong love of reading in every child.

We believe that developing a love of reading is one of the most effective things that we can do to raise the attainment of the pupils at Uppingham C of E Primary now and is hugely important for their life chances beyond the classroom.

In conjunction with our English curriculum, we aim to teach our pupils to read and to want to read.  

        To encourage reading for pleasure in our school we have:

  • A well-stocked central library of which every child is a member
  • Dedicated class reading areas in every classroom
  • Teachers read from a class novel or story daily
  • Reading buddies across the school
  • Author/poet visits
  • Visits to Uppingham Library
  • World Book day celebrations and competitions
  • Sponsored Reads

Home/School liaison is promoted through:

  • Reading records book
  • Parental volunteers reading with children daily in school
  • ‘Stay and Read’ sessions for parents to read with children in class
  • Parental awareness of reading initiatives e.g. Summer Reading Challenge
  • Annual Book Fair
  • Education City reading games

        Reading for Pleasure is evident in our school through:

  • A wide range of reading material is available to our children including novels, picture books, non-fiction, newspapers and dyslexia-friendly reads that will appeal to all tastes, to draw them in and get them hooked.
  • ERIC time in class for children to read a book that they have chosen.
  • Reading in a variety of ways: E-books/audio books, in a group, with a buddy, with a friend, with a visiting adult, with a member of staff.
  • Sharing thoughts on reading- book reviews, blog on school website.
  • Enjoying listening to stories, performing stories and poetry, discussing stories, extending thinking about stories and asking a wide range of questions.  Making the children aware of authors and their books- author studies, celebration of reading.

        Developing a wider sense of reading in the community:

  • Further develop our links with the local library, e.g. regular visits to the library to encourage the children to loan books on a regular basis.
  • Class talks at the library, by children’s librarian to encourage and inspire a love of reading
  • Link with community groups/local celebrities to encourage Reading.
  • Launch of the Summer Reading Challenge, Launch of the Christmas Reading Challenge
  • To encourage reading conversations, responses on the school blog.
  • Participation in National Events such as ‘Read for my School’, World Book Day 
  • Engaging in the whole process of reading for enjoyment author/poet visits.
  • Making books.