"Known for who we are, Loved for who we are and Excited by who we could be" - we believe that every child is an individual with their own strengths, skills and needs.

The key to our success as a school is the partnership built between children, staff and parents.  Every body works hard to make sure every child achieves in their school work and in their personal development - we encourage giving the children the chance to learn independently - choosing appropriate resources, refining their research with their classmates and deciding on the best way to present their work.

Our ICT facilities are used to the full by the children and are regularly updated to make sure the children have access to the most appropriate technology.

The school plays a full part in the community, taking a lead in a variety of town events, participating in county wide schemes and regularly taking part in sports tournaments with other schools.  We are also developing world wide links with a developing relationship with Wan He School in Chengdu, South-west China.

The Governing Body of the school takes a full and active part in overseeing the schools development and performance.  A busy group of parents run the Friends of the School - organising both social and fund raising events through the year.

Mr Iain Peden

Head teacher

    Latest News

    • Strawberry Fayre

      Posted: 20/06/14

      Friends of the School would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to our Strawberry Fayre on Saturday, and braved the rain; The total amount raised was just over £2,100.